How to improve your digital marketing strategy

First of all, if you’re looking to improve an existing strategy it’s awesome you’ve spent the time and see the value in creating a strategy in the first place. The fact you already have a plan you’ve been working from means you’re in a great position to iterate and improve.

The key to making changes to any strategy is having accurate data and fresh market insights to inform those decisions. Hopefully you’ll have good tracking setup from creating your original strategy so that’ll give the starting point. 

Then regarding market insight that’s a bit like creating a new strategy from scratch where you’ll need to have another look into things like market trends, competitors etc. to see what’s relevant for your new and improve strategy.

Now to find those actionable changes you’re going to make you’ll need to find data points of use. It’s best to start with the obvious, is there a particular paid channel and campaign that has a much higher conversion rate than others? Let’s say a Google Ads campaign promoting one of your core services has the best conversion rate it’d be smart to assign more budget to said campaign and likely more time on landing page design, campaign optimisation etc.

Just be mindful not to break something that’s working well already, I’ve seen that too many times to count and it’s surprisingly difficult to just revert back to how it was before if you break something. 

There will also be channels and campaigns which perhaps hadn’t performed as well as you’d hoped. The data here can give you signals of what to change, whether it’s the content, target audience or times to promote.

Again beware not to disregard something just because the latest metrics indicate it’s not working. You’ll likely have put a lot of time and resource into these campaigns, and we have to avoid the sunk-cost fallacy however there could still be some life in these campaigns.

For example, can you tweak the keywords if Google isn’t picking your content up. Can you try changing the titles and thumbnails on YouTube videos to increase reach. Or maybe even repurposing and reusing content elsewhere, again perhaps videos you created for YouTube could be edited to short clips that work really well on LinkedIn for example.

This practice of reviewing, analysing and improving your strategy is an excellent habit to get into. It’s the type of work that drives consistent improvement and helps you get the compounding effects of your investment in digital marketing. Therefore it’s good to schedule in regular reviews to continue doing so, I’d advise quarterly is a good timeframe for this.

So there you have it, some thoughts around how to improve your digital marketing strategy. As I say the fact you’re in this position means you’re ahead of most and it’s a great process to regularly go through to increase your return on investment from digital marketing.

As always if you have any questions or if you’d like help creating your marketing strategy request a consultation call with me today.