Hi! I'm John 👋


Strategic thinking aligned with a passion for SMEs

I've worked in marketing for over a decade now and am an avid believer in the power of digital marketing for SMEs.

I've always been entrepreneurial and particularly enjoy working with founders, owners and CEOs. It's a pleasure to have a direct impact on business growth through creation of digital marketing strategies for my clients.

The amount of increased revenue, new business relationships and employment opportunities accrued as a result of my work is not only extremely satisfying but also a source of motivation to continue delivering more of the same.


A trusted, credible expert in the world of digital marketing


I've worked with over 100 clients on their marketing strategies, campaigns and growth plans.

Founding Year

I entered the world of digital marketing after graduating university in 2010 and have continued ever since.


I have expertise across all channels included in digital marketing and overall strategy planning.

A good fit

Who is this for?

- Busy business owners who are looking to grow
- You're over-reliant on word-of-mouth/referrals
- Growth is unpredictable and hard to plan for
- Your marketing team need a direct plan
- You're launching a new product/service
- You want a clear ROI on marketing